Smoking is bad for our health. Nevertheless, when we read some popular magazines, we still can find a cigarette advertisements which impress a lot of people. When we think of Marlboro, we will be reminded of the western cowboys riding on the handsome horses. What exactly do Marlboro cigarettes advertisements really want to sell? Is it the American cigarette or the masculinity? In the following paragraphs, we will have a deeper discussion about the Marlboro ads on magazines to analyze its myth.

In order to analyze Marlboro cigarette advertisements myth create; we have to have a general idea about the types of Marlboro cigarettes advertisements. Marlboro cigarettes have many types: the Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Silver, Marlboro Filter Plus, Marlboro Filter Plus Extra and Marlboro Gold Edge. The dominant color on the Marlboro pocket is red; on the Marlboro Lights packet, yellow. Thus, the moods of the advertisements change depending on different types of cigarettes. The mood of the Marlboro is like the general Marlboro advertisements: a cowboy or a group of cowboys accompany with the horses on a broad pasture. The other hand, the advertisements of the Marlboro Red and the Marlboro Lights are a bit different from the characteristic of Marlboro ones. The background color of the Marlboro Lights advertisements is golden. This is similar to the Yellow brand of the Marlboro Lights. Moreover, the Background of the Marlboro Red is ared. The viridity is resembling the brand of the Marlboro. In addition to the colors, the types of the brand of the cigarettes can also be divided by their tastes. The red Marlboro is the heaviest one, so the advertisements focus more on the virility. The obvious examples are the friendship between two men and the brevity of conquering the horse. From the name of the Marlboro Lights, we can know that the taste is not so heavy. Therefore, the advertisements stress the lightness of golden sunlight. From the same formula, the taste of the Marlboro is cool so the advertisements emphasize the fresh trees and water.